Click here to download Wildflower and get started!

Indie game developer Frank Force built his own level editor to create the mind-bending platformer for Sifteo Cubes, Squaresville. Now he has turned his editor into an application for Windows based PCs that anyone can use to make their own games, and we are thrilled to be sharing the project with the Sifteo Community. If you’ve wanted to try your hand at making games for your cubes but you’re not a programmer, this is your chance to get started!

Wildflower is a 2D tile level editor in which you can quickly make levels by arranging the built-in art from Squaresville to create your own custom levels. To get started editing after installing the program, simply select a tile from the quick-pick box on the right side of the editor window then click within the game world to start drawing with that tile.



Paint in solid tiles to stand on, stack towers to the sky, draw a moat and fill it in, but make sure you include a path for your character to make it to the other side!



Draw in some modifications to the demo world and you’ll quickly be shaping your own unique version of this level. After working in some new changes, click Siftulator Test in the bottom left area of the Menu Bar to launch Siftulator. For those new to Siftulator, it is an application that allows you to simulate Sifteo Cube play on your computer without needing the actual cube hardware. It’s great for quick playtesting of your levels as you add more to them.



Siftulator launches and the new additions to the Wildflower demo world can be seen in the game.



To test the level modifications on your Sifteo Cube hardware turn on your Sifteo Cube base and connect it to the PC with the USB cable included with your cubes and click Sifteo Install. Your game will be sent to your cubes. Find Wildflower in the Sifteo Cube menu and press its icon to run your game.




Keep making changes! Try building obstacles and paths to get your players thinking. When you’re happy with your creation run Sifteo Install again and hand your cubes and level off to a friend. See if they can make it through the peaks and perils of your creation. Ask ‘em how they like it. Think of how your game can be better, then head back to Wildflower on your PC to refine your world. Make it more challenging or a bit easier for a spell, it’s all up to you.

To start using your own custom art, open up one of the background tile sets in the image editor of your choice. In the screen shot below Tile Set 0 (background0.png) is being modified. You can find this file within the images folder of the Wildflower SDK. Edit the file in your preferred image editor, save it and it will automatically be updated in Wildflower and ready to use.



Working with the built-in art you can make levels in no time. Working with custom art, you’ll soon find that your game world can take on nearly any look that you imagine. To go even further with Wildflower, create your own custom versions of in-game objects and NPCs (non-player characters). You can read about how to do all of these topics in Frank Force’s Wildflower wiki.

So go on, let your imagination run wild in Frank Force’s Wildflower game development kit. Click here to download a copy of Wildflower and get started!

We are also thrilled to announce the Wildflower Design & Art Contest, awarding Sifteo Cube sets to winners for best game art and best game design. For contest details please see the contest rules wiki.