Last night, Sifteo co-founder Jeevan Kalanithi attended the San Francisco Business Times 2012 Tech & Innovation Awards ceremony. All told, it was a pretty terrific night–good food, great company, AND he took home Sifteo’s award for first place in the Gadget/Product category!

Jeevan with Sifteo cubes

After seeing several awards go to bigger companies with hundreds of employees and an established market following, Jeevan was startled but very excited to be called to the stage on behalf of our small startup. For future consideration, here are the takeaways from his moment of surprise:

  1. Even if the award seems like a long-shot, have a few comments prepared, just in case;
  2. Dress nicer, just in case;
  3. When at the buffet table, eat more sliders.

After the ceremony, we asked Jeevan how he felt about it.

“Definitely nice,” he said. “It’s a great tribute to everybody here—I’m really proud of the award because I’m really proud of the work our team at Sifteo does everyday.”