Over the last few weeks, Sifteo employees have begun to undertake their respective holiday shopping agendas. For most of us, this involves some or all of the following:

  • waiting in line at Best Buy, Target, Toys R us, etc
  • wandering haplessly between clothes racks in Macy’s
  • mowing through an entire festive tin full of flavored popcorn (butter, caramel, cheese) while browsing Amazon, feverishly
  • searching for our 5-year-old cousin, who is hiding in a clothes rack in Macy’s
  • watching an accidental 7.34 hours of uninterrupted infomercials while taking notes and eating fudge with little marshmallows in it
  • thumbing through periodicals in search of inspiration (i.e. coupons)

Obviously, it’s a highly effective process.

But there is one thing we’ve found useful this year, and that’s The Gift Guide. In fact, we’ve consulted a lot of them and noticed a pattern we think is pretty cool: Sifteo cubes have been included in a number of these guides, and we humbly agree that it’s a great suggestion. Here’s where you can find Sifteo cubes featured among other “it” gifts of 2011:

Happy hunting!