Are you an aspiring code-cracker? Do you dream about globe-trotting adventure, using your criminal number hacking skills to breach the world’s highest-security treasure vaults to steal fabulous treasures? Or perhaps, alternatively, do you kindle an obsession with numbers, a desire to divide, combine, and discover patterns among them?

For the holidays this year, we’re pleased to offer you a new game that we think you’re going to love: Peano’s Vault. Developed in collaboration with  Scott Kim, renowned puzzle-master and designer of Sifteo’s game Matchination, Peano’s Vault is a code-solving number game which should appeal to both puzzle-loving families as well as serious Sudoku or KenKen players.

Each round, you’re dealt a set of cubes that display numbers, mathematical operators, and an Access Code. By neighboring cubes, you can combine their values according to the operator between them. The puzzle is solved when you can combine all the cubes to reach the Access Code. Each cracked code brings you one step closer to learning the secret contents of Peano’s Vault!