Planet of Tune

Imagine this: you’re listening to a piece of music and you want to shake things up a bit. But instead of skipping to the next track, you reach out and grasp pieces of the music you hear, shaping them with your hands to create an entirely different sound. A sound that’s all yours and very literally shaken up!

Here at Sifteo, Game Designer Chris March imagined exactly that—and made it a reality on your Sifteo cubes. In our latest application, Planet of Tune, we combined our love of music with the technology that makes this kind of musical interaction possible.

With Planet of Tune, each Sifteo cube becomes a home for one of 14 different, crazy creatures playing a unique instrumental sound. The creatures prowl through 7 wild terrains on the Planet of Tune and, with each step, play a note on their instruments. You can tilt or shake your cubes to guide them to walk on your favorite notes. With one-button recording and looping playback, Planet of Tune offers a whole new world of music to explore and original compositions to create!

A couple days ago, Sifteo gave a sneak preview with a video that featured the first of the 7 planetary terrains. Each terrain has a distinctive mood and style, so we’d like to give you another glimpse (and listen!) into life on the Planet of Tune: