[hands playing Matchination]

It’s our pleasure to announce the release of Matchination, the latest in our line of original games that could only be possible on Sifteo cubes. Matchination is a game about touching cubes together to match colors, shapes, and patterns.

Earlier this year, we began a collaboration with puzzle designer extraordinaire Scott Kim. Among the sketches and prototypes he assembled was a game where one assembled matching semicircles. He called it an “exploration of the simplest interactions that our cubes made possible.” We were delighted and intrigued at the possibilities of this most elegant of concepts, and chose to develop it further. After months of development, iteration, and playtesting, the end result is a product that has possibly the broadest appeal of all our games.

Check out Easy Mode to see the distilled essence of Matchination. For deeper and more challenging experiences, we have Arcade and Puzzle modes. These feature a clever twist on matching that tugs on the brain: One must match 2 of 3 traits, but not necessarily the other. This means you can, for example, match pieces with the same shape and pattern but different colors. This is an action that requires just the slightest hesitation as you are pulled in different directions simultaneously.

While we recommend ages 7+ for the full game, we’ve seen 3 year olds up through adults enjoying the simplicity of Easy Mode. You can test your speed in Arcade mode, where missteps can spell game over as you are flooded by pieces. Or take the challenge that is Puzzle mode, featuring over 30 puzzles hand crafted by Scott Kim. This mode is tough even for us!

We hope you enjoy Matchination as much as we do. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with the game or if you manage to complete all the puzzles. Good luck!