At Sifteo we love creativity. The ethos of making stuff cuts across our entire team, and collectively, some of our favorite experiences with technology over the years have involved bending it to our will (e.g. LOGO, Arduino).

You know what’s just as fun for us as creating things? Enabling other people to do the same! With this in mind, we are excited to release the Sifteo Creativity Kit, a brand new feature we’ve been working on during the last few months. The Sifteo Creativity Kit is a small but growing collection of special applications for Sifteo cubes that you can modify. Each application comes bundled with an easy-to-use editing panel in SiftRunner (our desktop software), and after editing a new Creation you can play it on your cubes immediately.

Our first Sifteo Creativity Kit application, “Sorting” (included with every purchase of a Sifteo pack) enables you to create games that involve arranging letters, words, or numbers on three or more Sifteo cubes. All without having to write a single line of code!

For example, you could create mini-games tailored to teach your child how to form sentences with words (e.g. dog, ran, the), sort mathematical equations and numbers (e.g. 2-1, 1/4, -5) or rank chemical elements by atomic weight (e.g. Xenon, Helium, Iron). Or create even more specific applications like foreign language flashcards or simple trivia games like timed social challenges – for example arranging Led Zeppelin’s discography by year (hint: Led Zeppelin III came before Led Zeppelin IV).

As with our growing library of games, we’re just getting started with the Sifteo Creativity Kit. In the coming weeks we plan to expand the kinds of games you can build, from custom jigsaw puzzles using your own images, to audio flashcards, multiple choice exercises, music-making games, and much, much more. We are also in the process of integrating community features to enable Sifteo users to upload and share their Creations with others.

To supplement the great games our team and our partners are building, we invite you to bend this technology to your will and express yourself with the Sifteo Creativity Kit. An active imagination is all you need.