We’re pleased to announce our Early Access Program! We’re making a limited, exclusive run of Sifteo cubes available at a discounted price, and with some perks.

We’re looking forward to having our Early Access customers give us lots of good feedback before we make the product generally available later this year. You can help shape the future of Sifteo by telling us which games you like and which games you don’t. We want to focus on developing apps that you’ll love. We’ll be posting a full press release on the blog too.

You can pre-order your Sifteo cubes now, and we’ll ship them in Q1 of this year. We won’t charge your credit card until the order ships. Learn more by visiting our website.

Sincere thanks to all of you who have been supporting us since we showed our student prototype in 2009, way before we even had a company. We think we’ve come a long way, but there’s lots more exciting work ahead. Tally Ho!